A la fleur de mes nuits, aux amoureux dans l'incendie, à tes yeux qui salivent, à ces choses qui arrivent, aux horizons du soir pourquoi pas à l'espoir ? A ces vins qui tiennent chaud, à nos ivres, aux bateaux. Au plaisir du désir de tout quitter sur un soupir, aux adieux, aux toujours, aux promesses, aux amours. Aux noirceurs à nos cœurs, aux lueurs à nos peurs. A ton cœur fatigué, à nos travers de liberté, à nos bouches essoufflées, à trop les embrasser.

You won’t understand


So I’m not gonna waste my time trying to explain. You will never understand, not until you’ve been through the shit I’ve been through. You won’t understand till you’ve felt the pain I’ve felt.

“death, murder, suicide.
All the things that flood my mind
please just leave, I want you gone
You’ve been taking over all along
my walls are breaking
my swords are dull
i can’t fight this battle any more
i surrender! you win!
you’ve won the war
imprison my body and capture my soul.”

– cw (via li0nprincess)


but the reality of it is, someday soon I will not wake up one morning, no one would even know until it was too late

I wonder


Do parents realize?
Do they realize how broken their children are?
How depressed we become?
Do the realize how we spend our time in our room?
Do they know that we are having anxiety attacks up there?
Quietly pulling our hair out?
Slitting our wrists?
Do they realize that we cry ourselves to sleep at night?
Do they know how badly we don’t want to be alive?


Nobody notices that its getting worse every day, and I’m getting closer and closer to the end..


Another shot to blur the memories,

Another hit to dull the pain,

Cut after Cut to distract my mind,

But just one bullet to end my life.


A Marcus a Day Keeps the Doctor Away # 56
[gif not mine] 


A Marcus a Day Keeps the Doctor Away # 56

[gif not mine] 


Band names that are better than Mumford & Sons:

  • Mayo Boy & the Bearded Brothers
  • Ben & the Babes
  • The Irish Farmers
  • Dwane & Daughters
  • Captain Kick and the Cowboy Ramblers
  • D’s a Good Key
  • Marky Mark and the Mumfy Bunch
  • Lets Go Girls
  • Winston and the Lads
  • Har